For Comfort A Mini-Bus From Riverside Limo Might be Your Best Choice!

A Mini-Bus Might be Your Best Choice!


Riverside Limousine’s vehicles are reserved for many different occasions and reasons. Sometimes it’s for the elegance. Sometimes it’s for safety. Sometimes it’s so the host can focus full attention on their guests without the distractions of driving. Whatever your reason, consider the added comfort offered by our mini-buses.

 Executive Coach

Some Things are Standard:


No matter the event it’s Riverside’s standard practice to arrive early so you can start on time. Sometimes our arrival gets things moving. It also gives you time to arrange refreshments on board or discuss last minute details with the chauffeur.


Corporate Events:


Business’ find mini-buses useful for entertaining, road shows, plant tours and on-site event shuttles. Passengers can safely leave their belonging on-board when there are multiple stops. If the passengers need to go from the event to the airport – luggage it can be stored on-board.

 group on party bus

Features like:


  • PA system

  • Flat Screen & DVD player

  • Reading lights

  • Overhead storage

  • Spacious seating


– are available in some vehicles and can be used to support business activities.


After celebratory events like holiday office parties each person can be dropped at their home for added safety and convenience.


Weddings, Entertainment and Proms:


The super stretch limousine is an iconic luxury vehicle that exudes “life styles of the rich and famous.” Most familiar is an 8 passenger (usually marketed as a 10 passenger). They really stand out and people take notice. But is it the best choice for your event? If the most important objective is to be noticed a stretch sedan or SUV may be the way to go. However, for comfort, ease of entry and exit, larger groups, flexibility and more fun options – a mini bus or limo bus may be the best choice.

 group on party bus

Passengers in gowns, costumes, long dresses and short dresses find entry and exit much more gracious. Those with packages, bags and boxes appreciate a place to leave those items during an event. Parents with small children like having a little more room.


Most mini-buses will have features similar to those in limousines and more.


  • a great sound system

  • auxiliary inputs that allow the client to input music from portable devices

  • Flat screen TVs

  • DVD players

  • Party lights

  • Tables

  • Tinted glass

  • Blinds

  • Overhead storage for small items

  • Room for 10 to 24 passengers

  • Stand up entry and exit

  • Bus or Limo style seating

  • Space for ice chests

  • Space to move around

  • Storage space in rear for luggage, packages and clothes


Using mini buses can also allow the family and wedding party to start the celebration in route to the reception. The time together allows them to relax from the stress of the ceremony and transition into fun – safely. Toasts of appreciation can be made to the attendants while in route. Once they arrive at the venue they can easily and elegantly exit the vehicle at the door step. It’s a great option whether the reception is a block away or an hour away.




There never seems to be enough time to visit with family and friends. Riding together allows for time to visit with friends who are seldom in town. A spacious mini-bus provides a living room atmosphere and allows for face to face conversations.

 easy access on coach

  • Easier on old hips & knees

  • Easier to move around and visit

  • Can have refreshments on board

  • Can show “memories” DVD


For Your Event A Chauffeured Mini-Bus May Be Your Best Choice!


In addition to the comfort of a mini-bus having a chauffeur provides additional benefits. Every vehicle has different features and options – Be sure to confirm that the vehicle you choose offer the features you want.


If you value comfort and flexibility a Mini-bus for Riverside Limousines may be your best choice.



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