Louisiana Tours – Allen Acres

Louisiana Tours Allen Acres

While researching Beauregard and Allen parishes recently I stumbled upon Allen Acres outside the town of Pitkin. This bed and breakfast sounded so interesting that I reserved a room to surprise my wife for our anniversary celebration. It looks to be a fantastic base camp for Louisiana tours of the adjourning parishes. Charles and Susan Allen have spent years developing this haven. Dr. Allen is a noted authority on native plants and leads tours visit rare ecosystems in the area. Their preserve sounds like a great place to unwind.

Allen Acres

On the 26 acre property and closeby there are many unique sights to see. Day time activities include hikes, egg gathering, butterflies and wildflowers. At night there are hikes, stargazing and bonfires. The property has been developed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It is designated as a State Natural Area. Skywatching in this area is stellar because of the absence of light pollution in this rural setting. The Ouiski (Whiskey) Chitto Creek, a clear spring fed creek is a short walk away.

Kisatchie National Forest

Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant – Photo by Charles Allen

From Allen Acres we can easily explore Kistachie. The border of the  national forest is just yards from the property. Attractions include areas like Cooter’s Bog for plants and fireflies;  Longleaf Vista Recreational Area for unique vistas and Kisatchie Bayou for  fishing and wading. Cooter’s Bog covers over 130 acres. It is known for pitcher plants like the  carnivorous “horned bladderwort.” Dr. Allen leads tours of this area.  It’s a haven for butterflies.  Due to it’s very unusual topography this National Forest is the home of vistas not  often seen in the state. At Longleaf we can hike the buttes. Also this is rated as  the best place to stargaze in Louisiana due to the absence of night time lighting.  Kisatchie Bayou features clear water and a waterfall. It’s a great place to just sit and relax or wade in and even fish if you want to. One other feature unique to this forest is the Wolf Cave in the forest near Pitkin. The cave has a small entrance. There is evidence in the cave of past use by nomadic people and outlaws. Be sure to bring a flashlight and watch out for critters.


Tour Louisiana Vernon Parish Courthouse

Built in 1910

Leesville is closeby. The beautiful historic Vernon Parish courthouse is located in the center of the historic business district. From the courthouse other sites in downtown are a pleasant stroll. There are several restaurants, an art gallery and antique stores nearby.



As the song says, “why’d you go and leave me in Big Mamou?” It’s a great place to visit on a Saturday morning. Fred’s Lounge is the home of the KVPI AM 1050 Cajun Music Radio Show. The lounge is visited by locals, tourists and foreign visitors – all looking for a taste of authentic Cajun culture – and leaving well satisfied.

After a morning of Jolie Blonde drive to T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse for boudin then head out on the Cajun Prairie.

Ville Platte

Ville Platte (flat town) is a little further east from Mamou. Visit Teet’s Food Store, founded in 1955 by Teet Deville and his wife Ruby. They still use the original recipes for smoked sausage, tasso and smoked ponce.

Home Again

Whether you are spending one night or spending a week in the area Allen Acres is a delightful spot to visit as you tour Louisiana. On the road home reminisce and  share your stories of adventure. When you travel in a vehicle from Riverside Limousines remember: “we drive… you have fun!”


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