Things to do Near Baton Rouge – On the Highway to Lafayette

Traveling from Baton Rouge to LFT:

The trip from Baton Rouge to Lafayette by a Baton Rouge limousine service takes about an hour and thirty minutes depending on the actual address and traffic. 

The interstate highway from Baton Rouge to Lafayette crosses one of the most unique and interesting natural areas in the United States – the Atchafalaya Basin. From your window you will seek densely wooded swamp, muddy rivers, bayous, cypress studded lakes and levees. The raised highway cuts across a magnificent, diverse ecosystem.

things to do near Baton Rouge

Swamp Tours:

Along the way there are many opportunities for swamp tours. If you have 3 hours, Magees Landing near Henderson is a popular destination. There are several other tour providers there also. When the boat stops alligators swim up close to be fed by the tour guide. This is only a snack for them – keep your hands in the boat.

Typically the guides grew up in the area. Their personal stories and swamp lore will give you something to remember and talk about when you get home. They tell of big fish caught, the local birds, cutting of the cypress forest and raw materials from the swamp supplied to industry. Hear stories of swamp lore from local guides and see wildlife in their natural setting.



There are numerous well known seafood restaurants at most exits specializing in crawfish, crab, shrimp and fish fixed “cajun” style. So sit down, relax, enjoy the scenic bayou view.

Butte La Rose: 

But if you have only have 60 minutes or less – stop at the Butte La Rose Rest Area.

things to do near Baton Rouge

This rest area is on a ridge in the middle of the swamp. Once off the interstate a 2 lane highway follows the levee to small communities to the north and south. As you turn into the parking area you see what looks like a house with a wide porch furnished with rocking chairs. If you have time, sit and rock a while after you get a cup of fresh coffee.

Inside you’ll be greeted and offered coffee by a very friendly staff, eager to answer your questions. This wonderful coffee has been roasted by Community Coffee since 1919 (four generations of the Saurage family). It was named “Community Coffee” after Cap Saurage’s community of friends who enjoyed his great tasting brew. Locally it is the preferred choice!

Butte LaRose has a public boat launch. It is a heavily used put-in point for basin fishermen. A quick conversation with people launching or pulling out boats will give you a real sense of what the swamp has to offer.

Behind the big house is a small and beautiful garden. Statues of alligators, swamp birds and turtles present a local theme. Benches along the surrounding boardwalk offer peaceful places to sit and relax. It is a rest area after all.things to do near Baton Rouge

Inside there are several exhibits. Each exhibit has a different theme. One focuses on the animals and ecosystem of this vast watershed. Another outlines it’s history and the people who have populated the swamp over the centuries. There is a 4 minute video that tell about the area and gives insights about the life and traditions of the local Cajun culture.

Geo Cache:

There is also a “geo cache” located about ½ mile from this rest area along the Indian Bayou Recreation Area. It is an easy walk.

Along the way there are other places that invite you to visit. In the area there are many local specialty meat smokehouses. Try some boudin (spicy pork and rice sausage) or pork cracklin’s. Pick up some pralines or Community Coffee for your family back home.

Pick Your Passion:

The Louisiana state motto is “pick your passion.” We have a lot of options. From food, to stories, music there are so many options. So, take a little time from business travel and take home memories for a life time.

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