5 Reasons Why Chauffeured Transportation is better than flying

chauffeured transportation

The winter months can pose some problems, whether it’s snowy or sunny. Around and during the holidays the airports are continuously busy; everyone is running on tight schedules, and most people are stressed. Have you ever considered a ride rather than a flight?

We think that, sometimes, a chauffeured ride is a much better option than flying. Riverside Limo Service has five interesting reasons why you should consider a chauffeured ride over a flight, especially around the holidays.

Delayed but not canceled

Ever been stranded in an airport? Your flight has been canceled. Entirely. What are your options? Book a hotel room or wait.

Sometimes flight delays are considerable, and flights can be canceled entirely. With a chauffeured ride, you’ll know that you’ll get there.


No security screenings or check-ins

Airport status on delays: during the holidays, at their worst. It doesn’t matter where you’re going to,  where you’re coming from. You will spend more time in security screenings, check-ins, baggage weigh-ins and waiting at the gate than actually flying!


Carry on vs. luggage? As much as you can fit in the car

If you’re taking holiday gifts with you,  they’re probably not going to fit in a carry-on. This returns us to reason two: screenings, check-ins, baggage weigh-ins and waiting.

With a chauffeured ride you can pack in quite a lot to bring with you. No baggage fees and even better no lost luggage. With a chauffeured ride also comes the peace of mind of knowing that your gifts will not be lost, stolen and that they are safe.

Everybody is comfortable

Taking the kids? That’s great, but…it’s going to be a long flight. An active kid making a fuss, kicking the back of the seat in front of them or crying loud enough to bother others is hard to handle quietly. Your kids are used to chauffeured ride, buckle up and relax.  Sing, sleep watch the views, you’ll get there in no time.


You pay once

Chauffeured transportation is less expensive than a plane If you’re traveling in a large group. You don’t need to buy a ticket for each member, and that means is actually much cheaper than almost any travel solution when split into a group.

Riverside Limo Service has been providing chauffeured ride in Baton Rouge for 38 years. And for 38 years we are the number one choice. These are the reasons that make us bold enough to state that a chauffeured ride is better than flying.

When in need for a ride, In Baton Rouge or even worldwide call or text us, be sure that it will be our pleasure to help.

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