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We love it when movies feature limousines and chauffeurs. Whether it’s the fun-loving (and oblivious) Argyle in the first Die Hard movie or the limousine scene with Richard Gere hanging out of the moonroof at the end of Pretty Woman, it’s fun to see how filmmakers use limos and luxury car services in their work.

Here’s another film that we especially love. It’s a remake of the famous Audrey Hepburn and Bogie classic: Sabrina. In this version, Harrison Ford plays the Humphrey Bogart role and Julia Ormand plays the Hepburn role. Sabrina, of course, is the chauffeur’s daughter, and she causes lots of trouble when she shows up “all grown up” and in love with one of the Larrabee boys.

We’re embedding the trailer below, and you’ll spy a couple of glimpses of the chauffeur and the car he drives the Larrabees around in. What you won’t see in the trailer, however, is the reason why the chauffeur became a chauffeur. You’ll just have to watch the movie now, won’t you? (Hint: it has to do with books! Oh, and the chauffeur isn’t as “simple” as he might seem — another reason we love this film.)

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