How to kill time when your flight is severely delayed

kill time

First thing, stop complaining. The flight is delayed, you tried several airlines for another flight. nothing. There is nothing you can do about it. It’s absolutely frustrating but accept it. Better enjoy it.

No matter what type a traveler you are a constant business traveler or a leisure traveler, there are at least 3 or four interesting ways to kill your time.

Make New Friends

Face to Face with no friend request needed. Did you know that an airport is an ideal place to meet a wide variety of people? You are not the only one stranded at the airport so make some conversation, about the weather, make a joke about the airline, or even about this situation itself. Networking is a great deal, enjoy your delay and make some new friends.

Write Letters

It’s old, but this is why is interesting. Emailing, messaging are overrated. Try writing something down. A thought, a poem even a complaint is a letter so do it. The truth is you get a special feeling when you are reading a letter, no message or email can replace that.


Use something for a pillow, your jacket, your bag. Get as comfortable as you can and catch some z’s.

Read a book or buy a magazine

If you never travel with a book or two, you should start. Something educational or something for personal development is always welcomed.  If you are more pf a Kindle kind of guy, it’s ok too; the important thing is to read something captivating something that catches your interest.

You can buy a magazine too and catch up on some fashion advice and the latest from you preferred industry.

Call everybody

Family, friends because now you have all the time in the world to chatter with them. Don’t forget to call the ones that wait for you at the other end of your flight, make sure they know so they will not worry.

Get some workout

If you are lucky enough to get stranded on an airport that offers a fitness center, you better take advantage of it. And if you are not that lucky there is always an option. Leave your bags in a locker and go for a walk along the corridors. Stretch your legs after that nap.

So, any time you’ll face an unavoidable delay accept it and try to enjoy your stranded time. Do something educational, restful or fun.

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