Reasons to travel more in 2017


No, not for business, for yourself. Business travel is exactly like you write it, for business. You need to travel more for yourself in 2017.

Traveling not only teaches you the real value of life but also makes you a learner, an observer. Traveling more will help to see many things from different perspectives, and that will help with both your professional and personal life.

There is no doubt that travel is good for your mind and soul. If these two taken care of you will notice a boost in your productivity, a better work-life balance makes you more conscious, more creative and more energetic.

If you are not convinced yet, we’ll try to make you understand how traveling will enhance your quality of life:


Just like a computer or a smartphone you need to reset. Your mind needs to recharge its batteries pretty often and remember that no amount of energy drinks will help you. To fully reset you need to take a break from the routine otherwise you will crash just like a whole system does.

So you either take a break, or you will break.

The best break you can take is in another world, but you can’t do that as often as you would want. Take a ride in another town, to the beach and clear your mind. Travel to your hometown or to a place that means something to you. A few hours or a day, take as much as you can, detach yourself from work and reset.

As you will do that, you will discover a more energetic body and mind. That translates into a more productive, focused person.

The Unknown Is Inspiring

Take a one week vacation in another country. The change in scenery will bring inspiration and clarity.

A distinctive perspective all of the sudden will have its effects fast:

you will see a different kind of networking, another way of problem-solving you will find new ways. Usually, the blockages you find yourself into are caused by staying in the same circle, getting out of the circle will give other insights.

The change in scenery will bring inspiration, clarity, and a fresh eye.

Keeping your brain sharp

A new and different environment is seen as a challenge by the brain.

But the more you give your brain challenges, the more it builds more resilience, and this mental stimulation decreases the risk of degenerative disease. Statistically, the brain exposure to new things like language, and rituals, is proven to increase memory and concentration. Is like you look into a screen for 48 hours and then someone puts you in front of a window. Isn’t that a refreshing view?

Mark Twain says: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

When you travel, you experience. Other people, other cultures, other settings, other things that broaden your horizons in every sense.

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