Service is the Foundation for Safe Limo Service

Our clients assume we have their safety in mind. We do! Our chauffeurs plan ahead, think ahead, and look ahead for potential safety concerns. This applies not only to navigating streets and highways but, also to embarking and disembarking passengers.

Your chauffeur may see what you don’t see –

Professional chauffeurs act with purpose to make certain you safely enter and exit the vehicle. A safe exit starts as the limousine approaches the drop off location. To the greatest extent realistically possible, they position the car so you exit from the right side (passenger side – curb side on a two way street.) Under some circumstances, such as one way streets this isn’t possible. Whatever the circumstances, they will make sure you can safely exit the vehicle.

Your driver will take note of sign posts, mailboxes, puddles, debris or high curbs as they pull up. The location and other vehicles may affect how close to the curb they can safely park. A high curb may obstruct the door or be a tripping hazard. It starts with opening the door. After stopping and putting the vehicle in park, the chauffeur will be outside the curbside door as soon as possible to assist passengers.

Wait for the chauffeur –

The first safety tip is “wait for the chauffeur to open the door.” Your chauffeur is trained to provide service that underlies safety. They will be in position to open your door as quickly as safely possible. They will watch traffic – vehicular and pedestrian. They will be in position to hold items so you have your hands free. They will be there to offer you a hand as you stand.

Entering and exiting some vehicles, especially stretched sedans and SUVs with limo style seating, is different from the cars in which we usually ride. Inexperienced passengers aren’t used to the position they are in. Often they “duck walk” due to the low ceiling and then get to the door like a sky diver. A moments distraction leads to bumping their head, unsteady footing or unflattering exposure.

Exit the vehicle slowly –

Second, slow down for safety. Often there are other passengers riding with you. You may have been engrossed in conversation and not paying attention to what is going on outside the vehicle. The chauffeur has been observing the environment during the arrival. If you are entering the vehicle you may need a second to orient yourself to the location of interior features. The chauffeur at the door will slow down the entry of others until the previous passenger is safely seated.

“Sit, Twist and Slide” –

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The third tip is “Sit, Twist and Slide.” The first passengers to enter should take seats toward the front of the vehicle. To do this safely and with grace – Sit, Twist and Slide. At the door, face away from the vehicle and sit on the back seat. Once seated, twist and bring your legs into the vehicle. Then slide over to the spot selected for you to ride. Exiting is just the reverse. Slide to the seat at the exit door, Twist to move your feet to the ground. Then stand. Using this technique is definitely safer and more elegant than exiting like a “paratrooper.” It’s also safer for passengers in long dresses or costumes and more discrete for those with short skirts. The chauffeur will be at the door to offer a hand for balance and to assist your exit.

Finally, select the best vehicle for your group. Stretch limos offer style and intimacy for four to eight passengers. If your group is larger, consider our party buses. Party and Shuttle buses provide easier entry, standing to move around, and depending on the group size may cost less per passenger. Two different seating styles, limo or bus, allow you to match the vehicle with your event.

Service is the foundation for Safety –

Remember, the service professional chauffeurs offer is the foundation for safe transportation. We want your experience with Riverside Limousines to be wonderful!

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